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One doesn’t have to be an experienced gardener to enjoy beautiful plants at home. Here are some suggestions for people who begin their experience with flowers, who are busy or do not know much about planting. These plants do not need much to grow but if you pay even little attention to...

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Your kitchen may become the perfect place for growing herbs in flowerpots. One can purchase ready seedlings at the supermarkets, garden centres, even at the florists. Just set them in an eye-catching composition on the kitchen windowsill and use them as fresh spices. Among the most...

A beautiful balcony is not a coincidence. Flower boxes allow you to create a substitute of your own, real garden. A balcony and a terrace which is  full of flowers is an every plant lover dream . We strongly recommend geraniums, begonias and surfinias. These plants are decorative, easy to grow...

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