Eu subsidies

As a part of Operational Program 'Human Resources Development' LAMELA has become a beneficiary of two projects – “Dancing on Lean” and “LAMELA – that’s how you speak English”. This projects are subsided with reference to Measure 8.1 Developing a workforce and enterprises in the region, Sub-measure 8.1.1 Support to developing professional qualifications for enterprises.

“Dancing on Lean” is a project, which aims at effective implementation of Lean Manufacturing principles – one of the concepts of managing a company, which allows to deliver the required volume with the lowest cost and resources stock. The aim of the philosophy is to reduce wastefulness, the method to achieve the aim is careful management from raw material to the ready made goods with not obstructed flow of product value. Thanks to EU support we are successfully introducing Lean principles in all processes at the same time striving at improving the company both in production and administration. The benefits, which we take are, above all, high product quality, deliveries just-in-time, reasonable utilization of company’s resources and reduction of stock.

Thanks to the project “LAMELA – that’s how you speak English” we have received subsidies for free-of-charge English lessons for our workers. All eager employees can participate in the lessons, the classes are built on the basis of language acquaintance levels.


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